LCSHLibrary of Congress Subject Headings
LCSHLong Contiguous Stretch of Homozygosity (genetics)
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While a number of factors contributed to the use of the LCSH thesaurus, its use was logical given that access to this information is free, the thesaurus is updated annually and the relationship between terms identified within the thesaurus has been deemed sufficient for the needs of the Feed Analyzer system.
or 6% (n=l) 6% (n=l) 13% knowledge of) (n=2) General KSAs Foreign languages 38% (n=6) 13% (n=2) 50% (n=8) Archival/preservation techniques 0% (n=0) 13% (n=2) 13% (n=2) Fine arts disciplines other than 0% (n=0) 19% (n=3) 19% music (n=3) Reference resources 25% (n=4) 6% (n=l) 31% (n=5) Grant writing 0% (n=0) 13% (n=2) 13% (n=2) Various formats 0% (n=0) 19% (n=3) 19% (n=3) AACR2, LCSH, MARC21, etc.
Despite the evidence regarding tags as highly useful subject terms to supplement LCSH, the study shows that only 47% of the discovery tools and 5% of ILSs have the tagging function in their systems.
Because of the criticisms of LCSH for music, members of the U.
LCSH is widely used for book search where queries such as "body temperature regulation" should point to a title with the word "thermoregulation" [8].
The application of LCSH by catalogers has, in fact, not changed substantially and even some newly created digital libraries use LCSH (presumably to promote interoperability between library systems).
El presente articulo se propone describir la historia y las bases sobre las que se constituyeron los LCSH, presentandose los diversos formatos en que esta lista de encabezamientos de materia se manifiesta asi como las formas que adoptan sus encabezamientos de materia, sus diversas subdivisiones y su estructura sindetica.
Signpost uses Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings--a logical step given the variety of sites, the widespread use of LCSH worldwide, and the fact that many of the quality Web sites within the scope of Signpost are extensions to time-honored print publications.
Rules governing input of certain fields or elements within LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) and AACR2 uniform titles add to the problem of limited or dispersed information.
In the paper Mark outlined a brief history of music subject indexing particularly in relation to LCSH.
Those records that do not contain LCSH do include EBL subject headings, which tend to be very broad and are not formatted for discovery in our local catalog.