LCSILogo Computer Systems Inc. (Canada)
LCSILincolnshire Creative Solutions Initiative (UK)
LCSILifeline Coordinating Services, Inc. (St. Paul, MN)
LCSILittle Computer Solutions, Inc. (Harvey, LA)
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Other States that have used LCSI training successfully and disseminated best practices such as the SCR program at the county or local levels are California, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.
LCSIs are projects that cost $10,000 or less to implement.
Typical LCSIs include removing vegetation, including trees that pose a hazard (although such trees also might be delineated with object markers); building up shoulders to eliminate dropoffs; and adding signage to warn of unusual roadway features, such as sharp curves, or to accentuate the four corners of bridges.
Along with Terry Chism, a transportation safety engineer with FHWA's Kentucky Division Office, Goble attended an FHWA-sponsored training program on LCSIs in 2004 and later customized those materials for a Kentucky-specific 1-day workshop on LCSIs.
Then, each of the six ADDs with the highest crash records hosted a workshop to disseminate best practices and share information on LCSIs.
Using the information they learned during the safety audit, Denny Ray Noble, Perry County judge/executive, and Charles Cowell, deputy judge/executive, worked out a partnership with the KYDOH office in Jackson to implement several LCSIs at the junction of KY 15 and Crawford Mountain Road.