LCSRLaboratory for Computer Science Research (Rutgers University)
LCSRLanding Craft, Support Rocket (hull classification; US Navy)
LCSRLanding Craft, Swimmer Reconnaissance
LCSRLaboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics (Johns Hopkins University
LCSRLarger Caliber, Soft Recoil
LCSRLateral Cervical Spine Radiograph
LCSRLynchburg College Symposium Reading (Lynchburg, VA)
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Unlike some coding strategies (e.g., SC, LSC, and LCSR) that need computational iteration to get the optimal coding coefficient, CALC has an analytical solution because its object function is convex.
Additionally, it must be noted that CALC is different from LCSR in terms of using context information.
Coding Quantization Nonconsistent Computational Ambiguity scheme error coding cost VQ [19] High Low Low High SVQ [13] Low Low Middle High SC [11] Low High High High LSC [16] Low Low High High LLC [15] Low Low Low High LCSR [17] Low Low High High TABLE 2: The comparison result with several coding styles on Caltech101 (training examples with size of 30), Caltech256 (training examples with sizes of 30, 60), and Scene15 (training examples with size of 100).
To promote among faculty cross-disciplinary communication via training workshops, monthly presentations, and ongoing involvement in the standing LCSR committees and national, international, and regional presentations.
The LCSR Program was developed primarily to respond to two perceived needs--to provide an early introduction to the Senior Symposium Readings and to improve student reading, writing, and speaking competencies.
The LCSR Program assists the College in meeting it stated goals for general education.
The use of the LCSR program to meet our objectives and mission statement was a natural for the School of Business and Economics.
To insure that the School of Business and Economics had a curriculum which matched its mission, the School reviewed and revised the curriculum in 1997 to include four new core (required) courses which integrated the LCSR classical readings and writing and oral requirements.
Using selections from the LCSR readings (a minimum of three) and The Leader's Companion--Insights on Leadership Through the Ages, and cases from the Hartwick Classic Cases series, students will analyze different leadership styles of past leaders and compare them with modern business leaders selected from Fortune's annual issue "Most Admired Business Leaders." To meet LCSR requirements, a minimum of 20 percent of the final grade will be assigned to oral and written assignments.
Course Description: This LCSR course studies the concepts and techniques of effective leadership.
Thomas Wren, The Leader's Companion (The Free Press, 1995); Selected cases from the Hartwick Classic Leadership Cases series; LCSR Volumes Methods of Evaluation: Personal Leadership Analysis 20% Modern Business Leader Analysis 20 Role Playing Exercise 20 Mid-Term Exam/Final Exam 40 100