LCSSLee County School System (Georgia)
LCSSLocal Communication Switching System
LCSSLung Cancer Symptom Scale
LCSSLanding Craft, Support Small (hull classification; US Navy)
LCSSLife Cycle Software Support
LCSSLand Combat Support System
LCSSLiquid Crystal Stereoscopic Shutter
LCSSLightweight Camouflage Screening System
LCSSLake Calhoun Sailing School (Minneapolis, MN)
LCSSLake Cowichan Secondary School
LCSSLondon Central Secondary School (London, Ontario, Canada)
LCSSLoucouss Corporation Software and Security
LCSSLearning and Corporate Support Services (UK)
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12 (48%) LcSS and 2 (8%) DcSS patients had interstitial lung diseases proven by HRCT.
A report to the city council's Cabinet warns there is a risk that the LCSS could become "exhausted" if future demand increases.
The Navy previously requested one ship for fiscal year 2018, but Congress later approved the purchase of three LCSs in total.
The approaches of LCSS [12], PDL [13], and CMRSC [14] are all proposed in recent years.
First, the flight control commands collected from the binary network trace are classified into clusters by length and LCSS [13].
LCSS results from a combination of pathogenic factors, including a decrease in the area of the cauda equina, hypertrophy ofligamentum flavum, loss of intervertebral disk height, and hypertrophy of the facet joints [14].
(9) Efforts such as Secretary Carter's to curtail engagement capability (through reducing the buy of LCSs) to enhance war-fighting posture run counter to that concept.
Out of 45 patients 28 (62%) had limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (LcSS) and 17 (38%) had diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (DcSS).
* The Navy has announced an intention to station up to four Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs) at Singapore by 2017, (102) and an additional seven LCSs in Japan by 2022.
Light commercial vehicles (LCSs) have been involved in almost a third of all deliberate collisions caused by the gangs in Birmingham.
Berra, who went on to win 10 World Series titles with the New York Yankees, was part of a 6-man crew operating a 36-foot LCSS boat, the letters standing for landing craft support, small.
A non-metric measure is the longest common subsequence (LCSS) described in section 'Spatiotemporal trajectory'.