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LCSTLower Critical Solution Temperature (physical chemistry)
LCSTLeicester Complementary Schools Trust (UK)
LCSTLegislative Commission on Science and Technology (New York)
LCSTLung Carcinoma with Sarcomatous Transformation
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Results show that the LCST also increased proportionally to the polymer concentration.
The decrease of the LCST is in the order Na2SO4 (less than) NaF (less than) NaCl (less than) NaClO3 (less than) NaNO3 (less than) NaBr (less than) NaSCN which is opposite to classical Hofmeister series.
10-14) Hydrophobic monomers decrease the LCST while hydrophilic monomers aid in elevating its LCST.
If one of each of these two different LCST copolymers is conjugated to a different antibody, then two different analytes may be assayed in the same serum sample by raising the temperature of the system to sequentially phase-separate the two different polymer-conjugated immune complex sandwiches (Fig.
Blends of polyisoprene with polybutadienes of intermediate vinyl contents (24-35%, depending on polymer molecular weight) exhibit LCST behavior.
For the temperature dependent swelling studies (to determine LCST values), hydrogels were swollen in universal buffer (pH = 3.
L'Alloret, Florence; Foaming Emulsions and Foaming Compositions Containing a Polymer Comprising Water-Soluble Units and Units with and LCST, Especially for Cosmetic Uses; US Patent 7,655,702, Feb.
The phase diagram created with reaction rate against composition follow an LCST behavior as shown in Fig.
Importantly, the LCST of p(NIPAM) hydrogels can be controlled by incorporating more hydrophilic or hydrophobic monomer into the hydrogel structure.