LCTALondon College of Traditional Acupuncture
LCTALand Condition Trend Analysis
LCTALeon County Teachers Association (Florida)
LCTALanding Craft, Tank Armored (hull classification; US Navy)
LCTALuzerne County Transportation Authority (Pennsylvania)
LCTALungs Clear To Auscultation (medical/EMS)
LCTALouisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association
LCTALondon Corn Trade Association
LCTALongitudinal Cyclic Trim Actuators (helicopters)
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LCTA bridges the gap between suppliers, end users, building owners and tenants by providing the capital to make energy savings happen, Wagner says.
If LCTA determined that 100,000 kilowatt hours of energy at a store could be saved, for example, the firm would invest all the resources and capital in making that happen and then get paid on a percentage of the savings.
LCTA used in-house techniques and methods from the United States Forest Service to conduct the assessment.
LCTA discovered that 29 percent of the trees scattered among the objectives were already dead with between 25-39 percent likely to die within the next 10 years based on tree crown health.
The assessment conducted by LCTA has provided valuable insights on the interaction between the environment and infantry training that can be applied to sustaining this range.
p] is the fraction of land covered by surface cover obtained from LCTA data.
Three factors were calculated from field data collected at LCTA transects.
K factor values were estimated with the Wischmeier and Smith (1978) nomograph using the four soil properties of texture, organic matter content, structure, and permeability collected at 18 LCTA transects with three locations on each transect (n = 54).
S factor values were calculated with the Nearing (1997) equation for 261 locations on 91 LCTA transects (n = 261).
One thousand male sex-reversed Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, fingerlings were obtained from a local fish producer and transported to LCTA facilities (Laboratorio de Ciencia e Tecnologia Aquicola, Departamento de Engenharia de Pesca, Centro de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidade Federal do Ceara, Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil).
The authors of the present work would like to thank the LCTA staff (DEP/CCA/UFC) for their valuable cooperation in the daily conduction of the experiment.
The authors of the present work would like to thank the LCTA staff for their valuable cooperation in the daily performance of this experiment.