LCTALondon College of Traditional Acupuncture
LCTALand Condition Trend Analysis
LCTALeon County Teachers Association (Florida)
LCTALanding Craft, Tank Armored (hull classification; US Navy)
LCTALuzerne County Transportation Authority (Pennsylvania)
LCTALungs Clear To Auscultation (medical/EMS)
LCTALouisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association
LCTALondon Corn Trade Association
LCTALongitudinal Cyclic Trim Actuators (helicopters)
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For example, we can establish the Liberia Culture and Tourism Authority (LCTA) as an agency of government with a stronger mandate to ensure that all of our historical sites are culturally redesigned or reorganized to reflect our way of life and the very meaning of their existence.
LCTA bridges the gap between suppliers, end users, building owners and tenants by providing the capital to make energy savings happen, Wagner says.
Additionally, the availability of funds, established benchmarks, and schedule commitments may play a role in determining whether a program should be pursued as an LCTA or best-value contract.
The latest assessment conducted by the installation LCTA program occurred on Range 26; an Infantry Squad Battle Course (ISBC).
Army Land Condition-Trend Analysis (LCTA) Data Gaps.
The study was conducted in the LCTA Laboratorio de Ciencia e Tecnologia Aqufcola, a research unit of the Fisheries Engineering Department, Agrarian Science Center, Universidade Federal do Ceara (Fortaleza, Ceara State).
Army Land Condition Trend Analysis (LCTA) as the distance of runoff travels between the points of origin and deposition (USA-CERL 1992).
Juveniles of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus; n = 1000), masculinized, weighing between 1 and 2 g, were obtained from the Bom Princfpio Farm, located in Guafba (Ceara State) and transported to the LCTA - Laboratorio de Ciencia e Tecnologia Aqufcola, Departamento de Engenharia de Pesca, Centro de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidade Federal do Ceara, Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil.
Canopy and surface cover variables were obtained from the Land Condition Trend Analysis (LCTA) database (Douglas Johnson, Utah Army National Guard, Environmental Resources Management Office, 1995 unpublished data).