LCTCLowell Community Technology Consortium (Massachusetts)
LCTCLake Champlain Transportation Company (ferry service)
LCTCLakenheath Clay Target Centre (UK)
LCTCLexington County Tennis Complex (Lexington, SC)
LCTCLow-Cost Tooling for Composites (Boeing)
LCTCLondon Community Training College (UK)
LCTCLismore Cooperative Telephone Company (Lismore, MN)
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In view of this, we constructed an industrial LCTC index, based on the trade competitiveness index and carbon productivity, that can reflect both carbon emissions and trade competitiveness and provide an effective foundation for the future studies on LCTC.
Using the research by Varma (2003) as a reference, we analyzed the economic mechanism through which a carbon tax affects industrial LCTC.
Industrial LCTC measurement index needs to be improved
Therefore, we need to build a new LCTC index that can reflect both carbon emissions performance and international trade competitiveness, for example, to measure and make international comparisons of the paper-making industry's LCTC.
According to LCTC representatives, San Lung was selected for state investment because of the high quality of rice alcohol already produced there.
While purchasing commenced in 2000, two years later the LCTC organized San Lung into an alcohol producers' cooperative in which supply and trade arrangements were made at the group rather than household level.
In 2003, the LCTC obtained a trademark branding the rice alcohol to secure control over the market in San Lung alcohol.
Because the LCTC process allows us to machine models from CAD data, we were able to eliminate tooling steps and ensure the dimensional accuracy of the tools," Byington says.
In addition, care was taken to avoid pushing excess material into the honeycomb cells to prevent the paste from dropping below the intended height for machining of the LCTC tool face.
El SS expresa el 5% de las nuevas presentaciones de LCTC.
En las lesiones iniciales de diagnostico histopatologico de LCTC puede ser dificil debido a la intensa reaccion inflamatoria.
El manejo de los LCTC es tanto local como sistemico.