LCTCSLouisiana Community and Technical College System
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Act 360 bonds are supported by funds received by the authority through the LCTCS Facilities Corporation (the corporation) from the Board of Supervisors of the LCTCS (the board) under the enabling financing documents.
Policies to constrain carbon emissions, such as the carbon tax, have made low-carbon trade competitiveness (LCTC) a significant tendency in research concerning industrial international competitiveness.
Smith, who's also chairman of the LCTCS Facilities Corp., said both proposals remain under review.
A 2006 article from The Advocate chronicling his tenure as he prepared to leave LCTCS for UT-Austin noted that some of Bumphus' "harshest critics now say the system is on the right track," including "state Sen.
He previously served as executive vice president for the LCTCS, where he led efforts to target federal and state money to solve immediate workforce needs.
Joe May, president of the LCTCS system, says it will take about a year to determine locations and facilities.
"The most bizarre situation that I've heard about happened just recently, where we had one contractor who called and hired every student in one of our classes, and the faculty member who was teaching the class," says outgoing LCTCS President Walter G.