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The LCTE showed an obvious decrease with respect to neat plastic.
At the 40 wt% PB dust loading level, the LCTE values for HDPE system were, respectively, 90.1 x [10.sup.-6]/[degrees]C, 88.57 x [10.sup.-6]/[degrees]C, and 84.41 x [10.sup.-6]/[degrees]C from the cooling and heating cycles.
The measured LCTE values of PB dust/BF/ VHDPE/RHDPE composites over three temperature ranges (i.e., 20 to 60[degrees]C, 60 to -30[degrees]C, and -30 to 20[degrees]C) are listed in Table 4 at three PB dust/BF ratios.
(1) The use of PB dust had a positive effect on improving mechanical properties and on reducing LCTE values of filled composites, because the adhesive of the particle board held the wheat straw fibers into bundles, which made PB dust have a certain aspect ratio and high strength.
The inherently high linear coefficient of thermal expansion (LCTE) of polymer materials makes them undesirable in some applications such as electronic packaging encapsulation.
The extruded samples were tested for SG, water absorption, linear coefficient of thermal expansion (LCTE), bending properties, shear strength, and parallel compressive properties.
LCTE was determined using the standard test method for determination of the LCTE of plastic lumber and plastic lumber shapes between -30[degrees]F and 140[degrees]F (-34.4[degrees]C and 60[degrees]C) (ASTM D6341-98).
LCTE for composite with only CGW and no wood flour was 26.2 [micro]m/m/[degrees]C, which was significantly lower than the LCTE for composite samples with no CGW (54.6 [micro]m/m/[degrees]C) (Table 2).
Properties such as water absorption, LCTE, MOR, compressive strength and shear strength were comparable to commercially available WPC products.
Figure 15 shows the result from 4 sets of LCTE measurements on new Viton A from -140 to 120[degrees]C.
At the glass transition temperature, the volume (or length for LCTE) with temperature changes slope and the coefficient of thermal expansion passes through a discontinuity (37).
Gupta, "Procrastination scheduling in fixed priority real-time systems," in Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES '04), pp.