LCTFLiquid Crystal Tunable Filter
LCTFLivable Communities Task Force (US Congress)
LCTFLancaster County Timber Frames, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
LCTFLighting Column Technical Forum
LCTFLouisiana College Theatre Festival
LCTFLife Cycle Test Facility
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Among its findings, the LCTF noted that there were many players in the university's copyright universe, each with different administrative and policy functions.
The information exchanged between campus units during these meetings proved informative when the LCTF began to work towards its goal of creating a comprehensive web-based subject guide on copyright ("LibGuide") that could be accessed by the campus community.
The methodology covered by this allowance broadly covers multispectral imaging hardware and algorithm-based approaches, including the use of CRi's patented liquid crystal tunable filter (LCTF) technology and CRi's image acquisition and data analysis software packages.
The high-end BigShot 4000, suitable for fashion and product photography is a single-shot instant capture camera featuring a front-of-the-lens liquid Crystal Tunable Filter (LCTF).