LCTLLess Commonly Taught Language
LCTLLongitudinal Conversion Transfer Loss
LCTLLarge Component Test Loop
LCTLLossy Coupled Transmission Line
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The fate of the program is relevant to a discussion of collaborative ventures and LCTLs, although the language in question, German, is a widely taught language, because the language attracts small enrolments at the host university and so faces many of the same barriers as a LCTL.
The data for 2011 are compared with earlier surveys and we review the literature on language programs in Australia that comments on LCTLs.
In 2011, there were seven widely taught languages (French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish), six moderately taught languages (Arabic, Ancient and Modern Greek, Korean, Latin and Russian) and 31 LCTLs taught at Australian universities.
The list of LCTLs reflects, to the best of our knowledge, the situation in early 2012.
Given the difficulty of learning many of these LCTLs and the time necessary to do so, the Air Force could permit (or direct) members to study them during duty hours.
In reality, LCTLs include all languages other than the Big Three.
Reagan has created a hierarchy of LCTLs based not on linguistic factors but on the likelihood that they will be taught in public school.
Level 2: Most Commonly Taught LCTLs (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian)
Level 3: Rarely Taught LCTLs (Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, etc.
A useful service for the field would be the identification and archiving of any LCTL materials that are genuinely task-based, distance courses, or both.
Such materials would be unsuitable for inclusion in distance task-based LCTL courses, just as they are unsuitable for the languages for which they have already been developed.
Whereas practical circumstances often favor--or even dictate--distance learning for LCTLs, there is nothing inherently necessary or sufficient psycholinguistically about any use of technology, as evidenced by successful foreign language learning without it.