LCTSLast Chance to See (Douglas Adams book)
LCTSLocal Collaborative Time Study (federal funding source)
LCTSLet's Change the Subject
LCTSLow Cost Tray Sorter (US Postal Service)
LCTSLothian Community Transport Services (UK)
LCTSLactobacillus Casei Thymidylate Synthase
LCTSLaser Communication Test Systems
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The six-trailer LCTS has 12 networked crew stations--six mechanically coupled pilot-co-pilot/gunner pairs--with three-screen visual systems providing reduced out-the-window scenery.
LCT and LCTS specifications call for the simulators to be compatible with both the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol and Higher Level Architectures (HLA).
In the context of the Opah of chipboard (2013-2018), the monitoring team animation production target of 6 units LCTS year.