LCVDLaser Chemical Vapor Deposition
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At 1.9cm/s, LCVD is a fast, efficient method of production, offering control over the number of graphene layers.
Caption: Figure 1: MRI of the patient showing a malformation of the left horizontal semicircular canal and vestibule forming a vestibular common cavity, compatible with the concept of lateral semicircular canal vestibule dysplasia (LCVD).
In this paper, a procedure for producing of self-aligned CoO and [Co.sub.3][O.sub.4] fractal structures using LCVD method and multilayered metal thin films is reported.
The LCVD reactor consisted of a glass tube of 7.0 cm diameter and 20 cm long and a gas inlet tube of 6.35 mm diameter used to inject the gas across the deposition zone.
In the last 10 years, there has been an effort to apply LCVD technology to manufacturing mechanical structures, he said.
In LCVD, the part is heated not quite high enough for the deposition reaction to take place.
According to Rosen, LCVD would allow metals and ceramics to be deposited on the microscale to build three-dimensional MEMS.