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LCVPLeaving Certificate Vocational Programme (Irish Department of Education and Science)
LCVPLanding Craft, Vehicle, Personnel
LCVPLow Carbon Vehicle Partnership (est. 2003; UK)
LCVPLow Central Venous Pressure (anti-blood loss)
LCVPVehicles/Personnel Landing Craft
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Caption: Amongst the European shipbuilders, Damen group has built the LCM and LCVP for the Royal Netherlands Navy in addition to the Enforcer LPD series also selected by other navies.
The Landing Craft, Vehicle & Personnel (LCVP) designed by American engineer Andrew Higgins offered various innovative features.
The second vehicle digitally recreated was the Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP), a boat made almost entirely of wood, to land troops on the beaches.
Roy Redler, an octogenarian war vet who was recently underway in the Museum's LCVP, built from vintage blueprints, recalls a close call his platoon encountered.
Corporal Braswell had just stepped off the ramp of his LCVP into neck-deep water when the adjacent LCVP grounded on a mined obstacle and exploded.
Cariello made his landing from a Higgins boat--an LCVP (landing craft, vehicle, personnel).
It retreated immediately out of the firing zone, and, as the second LCVP returned to give support, it came under a sustained attack from the riverbank.
With a 21,500-tonne displacement, length and beam of respectively 203,4 and 35 metres and a diesel-based propulsion offering a max speed of 18 knots, the LPH Ocean has been built to commercial standards and is capable to transport and transfer ashore up to 830 Royal Marines, materiel and cargo with four LCVP personnel and landing craft and up to 18 helicopters, including 12 AgustaWestland Sea King HC4 Commandos and 7 Lynx AH7s> but also Merlin AW101 and Boeing Chinooks in addition to British Army's Apache AH.1 combat helicopters.
Along with the helicopters, the vessels can also accommodate a pair of LCVP Mk 5 (see above) landing craft operating from the craft's well deck.
As your article implied, the LCVP [Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel] was truly the workhorse of the whole shebang.