LCWBLast Class with Balls (last all-male USAFA class)
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Yet the 1983 graduating class prominently declared itself, including a bedsheet-sized banner draped on the college headquarters, as LCWB or "Last Class With Balls."
Until a month ago, Air Force Academy cadets were still leered at by the now-infamous 2-foot-tall sign that read, "Bring Me Men," and had to grin and bear it when visiting Academy alumni wore caps reading "LCWB" (Last Class With Balls).
That included the school's fiercely loyal alumni, who seriously tried to raise more than $200 million to take the school private rather than admit women; faculty, who largely welcomed the change; cadets, who feared the watering down of their training and thus their reputation as men (the last all-male class called itself LCWB, or Last Class With Balls); and groundskeepers, laundry workers and food staff, all of whom would have to accept the new regime.