LCWELausanne Committee for World Evangelization
LCWELactobacillus Casei Cell Wall Extract
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After centrifugation, the pellet was sonicated (1 g packed wet weight in 3 ml phosphate buffered saline [PBS]) and further centrifuged with the resultant supernatant containing the LCWE.
injected with 0.5 mg of LCWE in 0.5 ml of PBS to induce KD model.
Approximately, 12 h following injection of LCWE, mice exhibited decreases in food intake and locomotor activity.
While Leighton Ford administered the LCWE, John Stott emerged as an elder statesman of the movement, who was linked neither to the pragmatism (and defensiveness) of the American leadership nor to the apparent social radicalism of the Latin American and African theologians.
The 2004 Forum for World Evangelization (co-sponsored by the LCWE) identified thirty-one priority issues, many related to the social location and characteristics of the unevangelized.
While acknowledging with satisfaction positive efforts within the Lausanne movement (LCWE) and the World Evangelical Alliance to stress closer coordination and mutual discipline in mission, Kobia lamented the fact that many evangelical, Pentecostal, and neo-Pentecostal churches and movements--above all, parachurch groups--had not yet embraced the Edinburgh vision of "ecumenical discipline." The WCC, he said, was ready to work with wider mission networks to resolve issues that hinder the expression of our common ecumenical calling.
In preparation for the forum the LCWE executive committee commissioned Peter Brierley, senior Lausanne associate for research, to conduct a global survey that would identify what Christians regard as the main obstacles to effective evangelization at the beginning of the new century, as well as the key opportunities.
The forum concluded with the installation of new leaders of LCWE. Doug Birdsall, president of Asian Access, was elected LCWE executive chair, and Ted Yamamori, president emeritus of Food for the Hungry International, will be the LCWE international director.
Reports of the early LCWE consultations are published as Lausanne Occasional Papers.
In 1980 WEF actually proposed a merger with LCWE (Fuller, People of the Mandate, p.
The 1980 Melbourne meeting and the 1989 San Antonio meeting were each marred and to an extent counter-balanced by the holding a short time later of an LCWE conference at Pattaya in 1980, and a major LCWE congress at Manila in 1989.
The letter affirmed many "good things" at San Antonio, asked LCWE to take note of certain ecumenical emphases, and suggested that the next LCWE world conference be planned to take place alongside the next CWME, "that is, that they be held simultaneously, on the same site, and share a number of sessions."(23) The meeting in Brazil presents a kairos for binding up old wounds.