LCWGLand Cover Working Group (Japan)
LCWGLiquid Cooling/Warming Garment
LCWGLivable Communities Working Group (California)
LCWGLutheran Church of Webster Gardens (Webster Groves, MO)
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The coefficients of certified seed for both LUWG and LCWG were positive and significant, suggesting a positive effecton wheat yield.
In our analyses, the coefficients of extension services for both LUWG and LCWG were significant and positive, suggesting satisfactory performance of Punjab's agriculture extension department.
In our analyses,the coefficients of off-farm income for both LUWG and LCWG groups were significant and positivewhich indicate that those farm households who had diversified source of income other than crop production were technically more efficient.
The variable of credit size showed significant andpositiveeffect on both LUWG and LCWG.
In summary, the parameter estimates of full sample were somewhat similar to those of LUWG and LCWG (See table 5).