LCWRLeadership Conference of Women Religious
LCWRLoki Clan Wolf Refuge
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Sister Nancy Schreck, who was president of LCWR, once asked, "What if the most significant contribution of religious life has not happened yet?
Lythgoe heard Williams' LCWR presentation and was captivated; but she was frustrated that Williams wasn't given more time to speak.
The reason that the LCWR was subjected to this Doctrinal Assessment in the first place was that many positions publicly adopted by some of the more prominent 'leaders' of the LCWR were not compatible with the teachings of the Church in matters of Faith and Morals.
The Vatican appointed a bishop to oversee rewriting the statutes of the LCWR, which represents 80 percent of the 57,000 Roman Catholic nuns in the U.
The book will likely bring consolation to those who navigated the sometimes tumultuous course set by Vatican II, especially women in the Church and men in ministerial religious life; each group's collective coming-of-age journey echoes the journey of LCWR.
The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith carried out the investigation and took over LCWR in 2012.
As Sister Mary Luke Tobin wrote in America in 1986, "The LCWR report also described the conditions contributing to the alienation of women from church and society.
In a short but "blunt" address given to the Presidency of the LCWR, he stated emphatically that the LCWR Outstanding Leadership Award given to theologian Sr.
The responses to it both nationally and internationally were largely in support of the LCWR and US religious women.
Pat Farrell, former LCWR president, said "dialogue on doctrine is not going to be our starting point," but that instead, the sisters would focus on aspects of religious life they feel were misrepresented by the Vatican's report on the group.
We are a beautiful bouquet that the world needs to embrace and that we need to embrace within LCWR," Fernandez said.