LCWULahore College for Women University (Pakistan)
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She said the LCWU had now appointed Rimza Sikandar as permanent director of its Jhnag Campus as the contract of Ms Iqbal lapsed a few days ago.
Uzma Qureshi added that LCWU was concentrating on the linkage with the business industry for its curriculum and research.
He pointed out that the LCWU is striving to promote quality education among young girls and its role in grooming young ladies speaks of its commitment towards women empowerment.
Omer Aftab was pleased to sign the document with the university, and said that since LCWU is a completely women-based institution, its support and help for the campaign for women rights would be very crucial.
Participants from GCU belonged to the departments of Political Science, Economics, Management Studies, and History; Participants from LCWU belonged to the departments of Psychology, Economics, Gender Studies, and International Relations.
The issue was announced during a meeting between Director General of Iran's Culture Center in Lahore Abbas Famoori and LCWU Vice Chancellor Dr Sabiha Mansoor.
But there's an additional reason the LCWU guest appearance will prove special.
The Vice-Chancellor of the Lahore College for Women University Prof Dr Uzma Quraishi said: 'We at LCWU believe in women's empowerment and are trying our best to provide every possible opportunity to educate our students in the current market oriented disciplines.
The seminar on 'Crises management under the theme of investing in public-private partnership for business continuity' was organised by the LCWU management sciences department on Tuesday.
Dr Qureshi expressed that LCWU is concentrating on linkage with Industry for its curriculum and research.
The meeting was chaired by LCWU Vice-Chancellor Prof Uzma Qureshi.
94, followed by Farkra of PU and Asma of LCWU won bronze medal.