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LCXLiechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (finance)
LCXLeft Circumflex Artery
LCXLeaky Coaxial Cable
LCXLogistics Coordination Exercise
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The commonest vessel involved in both the groups was LAD, 87% in diabetic and 71% in non-diabetic, followed by RCA and LCX. Severe coronary artery stenosis was significantly more in diabetics than non-diabetics.
The mixed solution containing 20 g PAH, 0.573 g LCX, 0.4 g ABIN, and 80 mL [H.sub.2]O was added into a 250 mL three-necked flask.
Long-term patency was compared between ITA grafts and SVGs for non-LAD arteries (RCA and LCX), because the LAD was exclusively revascularized with the ITA.
Assigning values of model parameters as in Table 2 and running the simulation corresponding to various numerical options as in Table 3, the numerical results along the left coronary artery connecting to the critical LAD with various-degree stenosis and the normal LCX simulated using ANSYS 18.2 for the turbulent dispersed particle-fluid flow are obtained in Tables 2 and 3.
Two saphenous vein grafts (previously harvested) were anastomosed to the RCA and the intermediate branch of the (LCx) artery, respectively.
No-CAD ACS SVD N=36 N=83 Stenosis-related artery LM [n (%)] 0 1 (1.2) Stenosis-related artery LAD [n (%)] 0 40 (48.2) * Stenosis-related artery LCX [n (%)] 0 11 (13.3) * Stenosis-related artery RCA [n (%)] 0 31 (373) * TA device used [n (%)] 0 6 (7.2) Number of stents 0 0.8 [+ or -] 0.7 * Prior MI [n (%)] 0 0 Prior PCI [n (%)] 0 0 Prior CABG [n (%)] 0 0 ACS MVD N=104 Stenosis-related artery LM [n (%)] 3 (2.9) Stenosis-related artery LAD [n (%)] 96 (92.3) * Stenosis-related artery LCX [n (%)] 71 (68.9) * ([dagger]) Stenosis-related artery RCA [n (%)] 90 (86.5) * ([dagger]) TA device used [n (%)] 7 (6.7) Number of stents 1.1 [+ or -] 0.9 * ([dagger]) Prior MI [n (%)] 0 Prior PCI [n (%)] 0 Prior CABG [n (%)] 0 * p<0.05 vs.
The second most common anomaly was LCx originating from either the RCS or the proximal RCA (13 cases, prevalence = 0.25%).
Coronary angiography (CAG) and computed tomographic coronary angiography (CTA) were performed and revealed that the orifice of the left main coronary artery (LMCA) originated from the pulmonary trunk; in addition, a giant RCA with significant collateral vessels to left anterior descending (LAD) and left circumflex (LCx) were also observed.
In patients where snap shot segment protocols were used, the reconstruction percentages on the ECG recordings corresponded mostly to 40-50% intervals for the right coronary artery (RCA) and to 70-80% for left anterior descending (LAD) and left circumflex (LCX) coronary arteries.
"Designing to a smaller footprint is one of the reasons we introduced our LCX Unscrambler, which brings the technology of our rotary pocket bottle unscrambler into a smaller machine."
The Long Term Evolution for Metro (LTE-M) method using the LCX for the CBTC system has been found to be an important communication technique for upcoming urban rail transit system.