LDCFLeast Developed Countries Fund (UN)
LDCFLiberal Democrat Christian Forum
LDCFLymphocyte-Derived Chemotactic Factor (immunology)
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With the increasing needs for adaptation to climate change, particularly in Africa, it is important for AfDB to continue working with LDCF and the GEFs Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) to tackle adaptation issues on the continent.
This LDCF project will build resilience to climate change in Bhutan.
The LDCF project will build resilience to climate change in baseline projects totaling $54,539,829 of the Royal Government of Bhutan, the UNDP and Tarayana Foundation.
11 million from the LDCF, aims to enhance the resilience of Lake Malawi along with its coastal communities and livelihoods to the effects of climate change through the development of an early-warning system as well as through the introduction of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices.
17 million a the proposed LDCF grant will promote flood risk management, ecosystem resilience and diversified, resilient livelihood options among some of the most vulnerable rural populations in the regions of Hanle and Tadjourah.
An LDCF project is addressing this situation through two key components (a) investments aimed at improving agricultural practices, land management, and natural systems, as well as rural livelihoods, through targeted adaptation interventions in crop diversification, cropping sequences, conservation tillage, food storage, and irrigation and efficient water use, and (b) creation of an enabling environment for climate risk management, including activities in policy development and implementation, institutional coordination, and generation of knowledge on climate risk management.
LDCF is the most important provider of funding with the highest contribution in the areas of agriculture and food security, and to a lesser degree in the areas of disaster risk management/infrastructure and water.
They also noted that since its inception in 2001, the LDCF has disbursed US$931.
This LDCF project addresses strategic objectives CCA-1, CCA-2 and CCA-3.
The LDCF Project will address the above barriers, thereby supporting the ongoing process to revitalize the agriculture sector, and ensure that adaptation to climate change is integrated into the revitalization process.