LDCMLandsat Data Continuity Mission
LDCMLeft Door Control Module (automobiles)
LDCMLAN Desk Client Manager
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Functionality in the latest version of ENVI will allow LDCM data users to automatically extract metadata from files for radiometric calibration and atmospheric correction, to easily pan-sharpen images in order to enhance spatial resolution, to automatically register multiple images together for easy comparison, and to detect change between images taken at different times.
procures and manages the acquisition of the LDCM in partnership with the U.
Working together with GSFC and the United States Geological Survey (USGS), we believe that we can formulate and implement a successful LDCM that will deliver the lowest cost, highest quality data to the Landsat community.
The LDCM will meet both NASA research needs and USGS operational requirements for a period of five years beginning with an initial operational capability in March 2006.
The Quantex SB and VX Series desktop PCs feature the Intel Celeron processor and incorporate industry-standard technologies such as Intel(R) LDCM, DMI 2.
Additionally, the VX-Series comes equipped with QSentry technology, a customized, easier to use version of Intel's LDCM, which provides extra security by constantly monitoring the health of the PC and alerting the user to a potential problem before it gets critical.