LDCPLinear Dynamic Complementarity Problem
LDCPLeveraged Deferred Compensation Plan (used to create tax-free income from a universal life policy)
LDCPLondon District of the Communist Party
LDCPTransparent Data Latch with Asynchronous Clear and Preset
LDCPLawful Certificate for Proposed Use (UK)
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Students who are a part of LDCP are ready to hit the ground running once on the job, whether an internship or full-time work," said Koewler, who hires interns and new graduate talent for corporate positions at Land O'Lakes and is a member of the LDCP Advisory Committee.
An LDCP trip to Pioneer's facilities in Johnston, Iowa, paved the way for an internship with the company's maize breeding program.
In 2008, the LDCP was named Outstanding Leadership Program of the Year by the Association of Leadership Educators.
The common theme throughout the LDCP is to leverage DL to reduce an officer's time away from troops and shift focus during the resident training phase from learning skills to applying those skills.