LDCULiceo De Cagayan University (Cagayan de Oro, Philippines)
LDCULegends of the DC Universe (DC Comics series)
LDCULadysmith and District Credit Union (Canada)
LDCULayer's Display and Control Unit (British Army, Royal Artillery)
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Part of the mandate of the Office is to expose the faculty, staff and students to various cultures and promoting informed knowledge setting best practice in different life areas such as politics, business, management, art and culture anchored on themes with global dimensions (LDCU Administrative Manual, 2014).
The findings revealed that students and faculty were aware of the revised LDCU vision and mission as well as the CAS objectives because the information was well disseminated through posters, bulletin boards, and the like.
It is most suited to describe the data on indoor air quality inside buildings of LDCU main campus and to come up with a reasonable and logical conclusion based on the CO2 trend over a period of time.
To compare the environmental attitude of the college instructors and students at the LDCU main campus
Keywords: Dissemination, awareness, acceptability, revised LDCU vision and mission, CAS objectives
The data reveal that of the three subject areas included in the board exam, LDCU Education graduates have low performance in General Education, moderate performance in major subjects and high performance in professional education.
This study sought to fill this gap with special focus on self-identified gay and lesbian LDCU students.
The five-year strategic plan of Liceo de Cagayan University openly acknowledges that universities around the world will increase their efforts to draw the best students and the most capable faculty and professional staff in this period when the supply of each is dwindling (LDCU Five-Year Strategic Plan 2010-2015).
To build and retain such a faculty calls for an environment in which professional development and high standards of teaching, scholarship, and service are given top priority (LDCU Five-Year Strategic Plan, 2010-2015).
The main author acknowledges the financial support of the Liceo de Cagayan University Research Center to this research project under LDCU Grant No.
The purposes of the partnership are: (1) collaboration of research projects so researchers from LDCU will have opportunities to research in other schools and in partnership with external experts for professional cross-pollination; (2) publication of researches in other journals and publication of researches from other schools in the journals of LDCU; (3) exchange of experts for capability building and peer review system; (4) partnership with stronger institutions to learn from their best practices and to connect with their linkages and affiliations; and (5) source out funding for researches of the specialized research centers.
Japos, Research Director of LDCU Research and Publication Office, my adviser, professor and mentor, for teaching me the art of research and making me appreciate its value.