LDDDlumbar degenerative disc disease
LDDDLoco Dato Decreto Decurionum (Latin inscription)
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They also informed the participants about facilities provided by LDDD and precautionary measures to protect animals from cold.
Naseem Sadiq Secretary LDDD said The implementation of this e-governance project would open new horizons for the agriculture sector which has the highest contribution to the GDP but due to several loopholes we haven't been able to properly utilize it to its true potential."
Irfan Zahid said that it is the milestone for LDDD to initiate such capacity building programs for its staff.
A spokesman of the LDDD told here on Wednesday that the cattle holders can submit their applications to District Officer (DO) Livestock.
LDDD spokesman said that the livestock growers individually or collectively have to register at least 10 calves of one month along its mother buffaloes and they are bound to get registered from the nearby veterinary hospital or department.
ISLAMABAD -- Landless Mobile Pastoralists Unit" will be established at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the Livestock Dairy Development Department (LDDD), Peshawar.
ISLAMABAD, October 06, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Livestock & Dairy Development Department (LDDD), Islamabad has decided to set up twenty-five Free Livestock Camps in all rural areas of the Capital.