LDELeadership Development Event (various organizations)
LDELouisiana Department of Education (Baton Rouge, LA)
LDELead Design Engineer (various companies)
LDELinear Difference Equation (electrical engineering)
LDELinux Disk Editor
LDELow Dynamic Esp
LDELinux Disk Editor (software)
LDELeft Defensive End (pro football)
LDELand Development and Engineering (various organizations)
LDELyonnaise des Eaux (France)
LDELloyd Dobler Effect (Washington, DC band)
LDELourdes/Tarbes, France - Tarbes International (Airport Code)
LDELong Delayed Echo
LDELayout Design Element (model railways)
LDELibrairie des Etudiants (France)
LDELayout Dependent Effect (circuit design)
LDELong Drivers of Europe (golf)
LDELens of Eye Dose Equivalent
LDELong Duration Exposure
LDELiving Dermal Equivalent
LDELightpath Drop Edge
LDELiquid Discharge Eject
LDELong Distance Ear (Tom Clancy)
LDELondon Document Exchange
LDELaboratório de Desenvolvimento em Eletrônica (Portuguese: Laboratory for Development of Electronics; Brazil; est. 1989)
LDELitestep Desktop Environment (software)
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"I fully objected to Bassil's travel at the government's expense to [participate] in the LDE conference in Paris," Hamadeh was quoted as saying by local media.
As tested in experimental animals (11,12) and also in clinical studies enrolling patients with advanced cancers (13-16), association of antineoplastic drugs to LDE pronouncedly reduces the high toxicity of those drugs, thus circumventing the major drawback to their use in the therapy of cardiovascular diseases.
"Look at where the LDE conferences have been held, in what way and by whom.
Fares said that events such as the LDE were vital, but "more needs to be done at the grass-roots level here."
Post-layout parasitic simulation and electromigration and IR drop (EMIR) analysis and integrated signoff: Includes parasitic extraction, DRC, layout versus schematic (LVS) checks, integrated and interactive design for manufacturing (DFM) and LDE analysis
NNA - Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister, Gebran Bassil, said at the closing session of the North America Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference (LDE) from New York that caving into the pressure of merging a large number of refugees into Lebanese society will ultimately lead to shattering the identity of Lebanon, vowing not to give into said pressure.
rehab group has begun a project to replace the vdi solution with a hosted citrix cloud based solution(lde).
Replacement or repair, as the case may be, of defective subassemblies at lde 2100cp locomotives according to annex 10 of the specifications.
Contract awarded for Supplies: single-use and reusable medical equipment, vascular patches, accessories for performing polysomnography on the alice 6 lde apparatus (manufacturer philips respironics), single and multiple use equipment for gynecological laparoscopy, consumables for emed water fall irrigation pump, accessories to the non-injector injector ct expres (produced by bracco) ct
Contract awarded for Supplies of single-use and reusable medical equipment, vascular patches, accessories for performing polysomnography on the alice 6 lde apparatus (manufacturer philips respironics)
Contract notice: supply and maintenance of endoscopes washer disinfectors (lde) and supply of associated consumables.
Tenders are invited for repair or replacement of the lde 2100cp locomotive subassemblies according to the repair nomenclature to the specifications.