LDEQLouisiana Department of Environmental Quality
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Additional evaluator tests were recommended for the Mossville residents (Cahill-Jackson, 2012, LDEQ, n.
that the LDEQ letters provided sufficient knowledge to commence the
After receiving TELC's demand letter, EnerVest proposed a cleanup agreement to LDEQ.
In February 2008, Beau Brock joined incoming Governor Bobby Jindal's appointee LDEQ Secretary Hal Leggett as his confidential assistant, and left his previous position as Regional Criminal Enforcement Counsel (RCEC) for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region VI in Louisiana.
Key plans and practices state and federal agencies are using to oversee and implement debris removal and disposal in response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans include (1) a state emergency order covering debris removal and disposal at landfills, currently extended until August 29, 2008; (2) EPA "no action assurance" letters to LDEQ concerning asbestos emissions requirements related to building demolitions; and (3) EPA's asbestos emissions monitoring plan.
The LDEQ "Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order" specifies criteria applicable to C&D waste disposal and expands the definition to include--
Greenpeace and the Tulane University Environmental Law Clinic have filed a federal claim and a state lawsuit under this policy, accusing Dickerson and her colleagues at the LDEQ of discrimination.
Without this financial support, LDEQ could not continue to oversee these programs, said LDEQ Secretary Dr.
The LDEQ issued the permit after Industrial Pipe certified, under penalty of law, in its solid waste application, that its property is zoned for industrial use.
A scientist at the LDEQ explained that his agency used occupational health studies--studies of how workers were affected by the chemicals--and multiplied the results by a scaling factor.
LDEQ, EPA, Guideco Complete GM Facility Restoration Project