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LDFLocal Development Framework
LDFLeft Democratic Front (India)
LDFLesotho Defense Force
LDFLocal Distribution Frame
LDFLuraDocument Format (file extension)
LDFLoss Development Factor (insurance)
LDFLow Density Fiberboard
LDFLightweight Digital Facsimile
LDFLondon Dispersion Forces (intermolecular bonding strength)
LDFLyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
LDFLaser Demonstration Facility
LDFLocal Density Function (solid-state physics)
LDFLearning Development Framework
LDFLogical Data File
LDFLambda Delta Fraternity
LDFLow Density Factor
LDFLaboratory Director's Funds
LDFLand Disposal Facility
LDFLocal Distribution Facility
LDFLiberian Development Foundation Inc (Greenbelt, MD)
LDFLac du Flambeau (Wisconsin)
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On March 13, 2015, as assembly proceedings began LDF legislators protested in the assembly leading to unruly incidents.
The Opposition leader said the three projects that the LDF claims to be its achievements, namely the Kochi Metro, the Vizhinjam port project and the Kannur airport project, are in fact projects that were initiated during the term of the previous UDF government.
Parisella's trading is up 14% this year compared with last year, partly helped by the assistance of LDF funding.
Education-based SMEs in Newcastle said location had played the biggest role in the success of their businesses, leading LDF to speculate this may be because they need less cash than those based elsewhere to get off the ground.
Kerala's electorate has always had a tradition of alternating between the LDF and the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF).
According to the results of the two- phased polls to the three- tier civic bodies held on November 2 and 5, LDF took control of four of the six city corporations, as many as 45 of the 86 municipalities and was way ahead in grama panchayats bagging 545 of the 941 at stake.
It is also indicated that the LDF would be used for the "defense of administrative, civil or criminal cases filed against them in courts for acts committed in the performance of their actual functions.
MBC's LDF would appear to be "parochial" and showing that the "non-cooperation" between the two authorities is much in evidence.
It was a dream come true to serve as a lawyer at LDF years ago, and it is a high honor to return to the premier institution as president and director-counsel," she says.
Those with hidden finances in the tiny country tucked away between Switzerland and Austria have been given an extended chance to disclose their funds to the taxman with the announcement that the deadline to participate in the LDF has been extended until 2016.
The preference therefore is for LDF especially because of its simple, cheap, and accessible technology.
According to results of 5 corporations and 14 districts, UDF has swept two corporations, Kochi and Trichur, while LDF managed to hang on to three: Trivandrum with a margin of one, Kollam and Kozhikode with comfortable majority.