LDFRLatter Day Family Resources
LDFRLe Droit Foncier Rural (French: Rural Land Law; Switzerland)
LDFRLake Dillon Fire-Rescue (Dillon, CO)
LDFRLevel Dependent Frequency Response (hearing aid feature)
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| LIVERPOOL Disco Festival 7 takes place on November 2 at Camp and Furnace see liverpooldiscofestival.com | RAHAAN'S LDFR track will be out in late August on limited vinyl followed by full digital release.
Further, FH management can be dictated by the type of mutation harbored by the patient, such as the poorer response to lipid-lowering therapy observed with specific LDFR mutations.
Verbal memory was assessed with the long-delay free recall (LDFR) subtest of the California Verbal Learning Test, 2nd Edition, which requires the subject to recall a list of 16 words after a delay of 20 minutes after presentation.