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LDGLanding (aviation)
LDGLanding Gear
LDGLancha de Desembarque Grande (Portuguese Navy)
LDGLinz Donawitz Gas
LDGLos Alamos Debugger
LDGLiving Designs Group, LLC (Taos, NM)
LDGLimb-Girdle Dystrophy
LDGLeast-Difference Greedy
LDGLight-Duty Gasoline
LDGLiving Dead Girl
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The present study examined the efficacy of the LDG.
The LDG P-clamp uses a soft, but durable, silicone rubber that is used in a wide range of aerospace, shipboard, and industrial applications.
I don't care if you're getting drool-soaked letters from LDGs.
The space and load time required for each dataset, with respect to DH and LDG, is shown in Table 2.
Darbo tikslas--optimalios interpoliacijos metodo patikra ir LDG lauko realios strukturos atstatymo galimybe nedidelese teritorijose, esant minimaliam matavimu skaiciui.
The significant G x E interactions observed for HT, LDG, and YD can be attributed to differences between the experimental lines and the checks to which they were compared.
Internal LDGs: An internal LDG, often called an internal file, is a user-identifiable group of logically related data or control information maintained and utilized within the system boundary.
Kane has 26 years of experience in the insurance industry and has been with LDG for 16 years.
3 million in LDG to finance the development of the Lightning Dock Geothermal Project in exchange for a 51% interest in LDG and that Raser will develop and manage the project, subject to the negotiation and execution of definitive agreements satisfactory to the parties.
Dexia BILa[euro](tm)s holding in Dexia Asset Management Luxembourg and RBC Dexia Investor Services Ltd will be divested in a separate transaction, while its portfolio of legacy securities and its interest in Dexia LDG Banque and Parfipar will be transferred to its parent before the deal closes.
LDG Principals Charles Wang and Scott Rechler were present in the audience and were given the opportunity to speak by Town of Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray.
Tickers featured: AEE, BSC, CVS, EXC, GS, HD, LDG, MER, MON, MRK, MSFT, MWD, NJR, SUNW, WAG.