LDHBLion Diversified Holdings Berhad (Malaysia)
LDHBLakes District Health Board (New Zealand)
LDHBLactate DehydrogenaseB
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The comprehensive contract required a move from one to three monthly reports to LDHB.
Overall, the innovation funding and ongoing funding from the LDHB has allowed nurses the time to assess people from a broad health perspective and to advise on early interventions and health promotion.
Closer connections began with the LDHB in developing the proposal for MoH funding and further developed throughout the funding period and beyond.
For mutation analysis, all seven exons of the LDHA and LDHB genes were investigated by PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing analysis to detect mutations (9,10).
We did not detect any missense or nonsense mutations in the protein-coding exons and exon-intron boundaries of both the LDHA and LDHB genes in either the nontumor control or tumor specimens (data not shown).
The amplification of LDHA and LDHB mRNA were carried out by gene specific primers designed by Beacon designer software (Premier Biosoft International, USA).
Semi-quantitative RT-PCR was chosen to estimate the transcripts of LDHA and LDHB genes.
The primer sequences for amplification of LDHB were 5'-AGGGAGTGTGTATATTTGAGTT-3' (sense) and 5'-TCAAACTTACCTATAAACCAAA-3' (antisense).
Promoter methylation of LDHB was detected in four gastric cancer cell lines and one pancreatic cancer cell line (Table 1; Fig.
LDHB is an important enzyme in the glycolytic pathway as it converts pyruvate, the final product of glycolysis to lactic acid.
This aberrant transcription of the LDHA gene, attributable to promoter methylation, is suggested as the explanation for the absence of tetrameric molecules other than the LDHB homotetramer (LD1) and a combination of three LDHB subunits with one subunit encoded by a variant transcript of the LDHA gene (LD2ex).
This abnormal pattern indicated that R51 cells lacked isoenzymes that contain the LDHA component, suggesting that the wildtype LDHB, but not the wild-type LDHA subunit was expressed, whereas the patterns of the representative Rb cell lines, Y79 and WERI-Rb1, showed the five isoenzymes with normal mobilities.