LDIFLDAP Data Interchange Format
LDIFLightweight Data Interchange Format
LDIFLiver-Derived Immunoinhibitory Factor (hepatology)
LDIFLightweight Directory Interchange Format (ASCII)
LDIFLocal Development Investment Fund (Vietnam)
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The wizard allows you to point and click between XML, COBOL and text, LDIF and CSV files, and between EBCDIC and ASCII fields, packed decimal and numeric, etc.
com) data manipulation software for Unix, Linux and Windows, says its new version solves a big industry problem - manipulating and migrating massive XML and LDIF (LDAP Interchange Format) files to and from other file formats.
LDIF on the other hand, holds large amounts of information but is not a file format that most applications can import or process.
The LDIF is a database or address book that allows the ABCS to communicate via command and control messages and provide the exchange of Situational Awareness data.
The unit domain is part of each ABCS LDIF assigned role name.
With 256-AES data encryption and other protections built into SortCL, CoSort users can simultaneously process and present data from CSV, index, LDIF, sequential, text, XML and other portable files without exposing private information.
LDIF enables independence from Active Directory Access and allows network administrators to easily create sender/recipient rules.