LDKTLive Donor Kidney Transplantation
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This educational program addresses topics of kidney disease, and the advantages and disadvantages of dialysis, transplantation, and LDKT. The program, developed to support informed decision-making among patients and their social network, has demonstrated positive outcomes in knowledge and communication among patients with increasing pursuits of live kidney donation who are engaged in the educational program (Ismail et al., 2014).
In a groundbreaking Phase 2 study of FCR001 conducted at two leading transplant centers in the United States, 26 of 37 of LDKT recipients of FCR001 were able to be weaned off all of their immunosuppression treatments.
In addition, of the seven LDKT patients with a prior auto-immune disease that led to their kidney failure and who were successfully tolerized with FCR001, none has to date had a recurrence of their underlying auto-immune disease.