LDMCLower Delaware Mustang Club (est. 1987)
LDMCLong Defence Management Course (India)
LDMCLongton and District Motor Club (UK)
LDMCLectin-Dependent Macrophage-Mediated Cytolysis
LDMCLaboratory of DNA-Molecular Complexes (Czech Republic)
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There was no significant relationship between [[delta].sup.13]C and LPC, LKC, Chla + b, LDMC, and LMA.
Our results showed that LNC, Chla + b, LDMC, LMA, and [N.sub.area] varied nonlinearly with changes in altitude.
Leaf area, leaf nitrogen content, chlorophyll contents, LMA, LDMC, and so forth often change remarkably at this altitude [24, 25, 28].
LDMC can be used to predict species position along a resource-use gradient [47, 59] and is related to the average density of the leaf tissues and tends to scale with LMA.
At the same time, LMA and LDMC decreased in better conditions with respect to elevation, and they reached the minimum values at an altitude of about 2100 m.
Moreover, based on the observed maximum values in LNC, [N.sub.area], Chla + b, and LA and the minimum values in LMA and LDMC at the elevation of 2100 m, suggesting higher photosynthetic capacity and better growth, the 2100 m elevation zone appeared to be an optimum habitat for P.