LDMCLower Delaware Mustang Club (est. 1987)
LDMCLong Defence Management Course (India)
LDMCLongton and District Motor Club (UK)
LDMCLectin-Dependent Macrophage-Mediated Cytolysis
LDMCLaboratory of DNA-Molecular Complexes (Czech Republic)
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The first component was highly correlated to LDMC, Fps and SLA, and more weakly to SD, whereas the second component was highly correlated with leaf thickness and compoundness, and more weakly to SLA (Table 4).
These results were confirmed by significant differences in the analysis of individual plant traits, with legumes presenting higher LDMC and SLA and lower Fps and LT than the remainder Eudicots (Table 5).
Leaf thickness on the other hand has been observed to vary independently of leaf toughness and LDMC and was related to leaf lifespan in woodlands of Australia (Wright & Cannon, 2001), although this relationship was not observed in moist forests of Bolivia (Kitajima & Poorter, 2010).
In relation to traits associated with the leaf economic spectrum, the strong positive relationship between SD and LDMC found in this study agrees with observations in other tropical dry forests (Poorter & Markesteinj, 2008; Markesteinj et al.
LDMC and LDRMP were formed and prepared in Gardi and Bagauda VDCs.