LDMSLANDesk Management Suite
LDMSLong Distance Management System
LDMSLocal Distribution Multipoint Service
LDMSLake Dallas Middle School (Dallas, TX)
LDMSLaser Desorption Mass Spectrometry
LDMSLaboratory Data Management System (Frontier Science and Technology Research Foundation software package)
LDMSLegal Document Management System
LDMSLarge Documents Management System
LDMSLean Daily Management System
LDMSLylburn Downing Middle School (Lexington, VA)
LDMSLake Denoon Middle School (Muskego, WI)
LDMSLeak Detection Multi-Spectral System
LDMSLegislative Document Management System
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Incorporating LDAs into the polymer matrix is an excellent choice to obtain the LDMs [3-5].
Caption: Figure 3: LDMs along with the measured scattered data when combining two signals coherently and noncoherently for the LOS and NLOS propagation scenarios.
Laser distance meter (LDM) are used in different industries such as construction and real estate.
Figure 24 compares the mean of end-to end delay achieved by various LDMs. As the ratio of input rate to output rate (i.e., [lambda]/[mu]) increased, the mean value of total packet delay rises as well.
As this is an interactive experience LDMS encourages a spouse/friend to attend, as well.
Oregon practice standards are stringent and well-researched, reflecting an evidence-based approach, and they have become more so over time as LDMs have responded to data from this and other states as to where the risks of home birth lie.
LDMS provides the status and location of national-level assets of BCTM spares and repair parts to product support integrators and enables a guaranteed level of performance and system capability.
In this paper, we apply the self-organizing map (SOM) model [8-10] which is aided with a layered distance map (LDM) to deform the GM/WM interface to find out the GM/CSF interface.
La metodologia adottata e quella sviluppata da Farina secondo il metodo concordatario e descritta in Computers and the Humanities ed in altri interventi specializzati pubblicati dopo l'articolo intitolato "LDMS: A Linguistic Data Management System", a esemplificazione della metodologia applicativa sviluppata alla prima apparizione dei microcomputer.
The addition of NuGenesis to the Waters family is a coup, as Waters will become the undisputed leader in the Laboratory Data Management Systems (LDMS) field with well over 50% market share in combination with the LDMS side of Creon Lab Controls' business.