LDOELouisiana Department of Education (Baton Rouge, LA)
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Originally, TPP program attributions had been extracted from the LDOE's certification database; teachers were connected to the institution listed in the LDOE database as their preparation program.
In the initial analyses, teacher certification was extracted from the LDOE's certification database.
The LDOE emphasizes that each of the state's 131 local school districts should determine if a given curriculum is "appropriate to meet the educational needs of their students." However, the state sweetened the adoption pot by giving all Tier 1 vendors statewide contracts.
The LDOE created a network of teacher leaders who were handpicked for demonstrated teaching and leadership ability, drawn from every region of the state and different grade levels.
lDoes not create problem for majority of trainers, since few with mixed stables have large number of runners under both codes during continuous summer period.
lDoes not include last night's Yugoslavia v Macedonia result