LDPALightweight Document Printing Application (Novell)
LDPALanding Performance Application
LDPALight Document Printing Architecture
LDPALaser-Driven Plasma Antenna
LDPALaser Diffraction Particle Analyzer
LDPALiability for Defective Products Act
LDPALeft Descending Pulmonary Artery (cardiology)
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"It was advertised in Europe as a single action," says Walt Rauch, a founding board member of LDPA, as he explains the organization's decision.
The Pointman pistols, designed for LDPA and IPSC matches, have caught the attention of shooters.
However, to take full advantage of the training value of IDPA, clubs will need to go above and beyond the minimum requirements set down by LDPA when designing courses of fire.