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LDPELow-Density Polyethylene
LDPELow Density Polyethylene
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Mohsen, "Biodegradation of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) by isolated fungi in solid waste medium," Waste Management, vol.
In North and South and America, the company will increase the price of LDPE polymers by USD0.05/lb
As well known, the progress of the photodegradation of LDPE proceeds through the formation of oxygencontaining groups, such as carbonyl groups (namely, carboxylic acid and ketones at 1713 [cm.sup.-1], esters at 1730 [cm.sup.-1], and lactones at 1780 [cm.sup.-1]) and hydroxyl groups (free or linked OH groups) and the formation of vinyl unsaturation (vinyl groups at 909 [cm.sup.-1]) [23, 26]; differently, the progress of the photodegradation of PA, in the presence of humidity, proceeds through random chain scission reactions and the formation of carbonyl and/or carboxyl groups (shoulder at 1711[cm.sup.-1]) [21].
W-EPDM powder and LDPE were fed into a corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruder (Bau-Tech, Korea) for blending.
The ceremony was followed Sheikh Hamad by taking a tour of the LDPE 3 facility, escorted by Dr Mohamed bin Saleh Al Sada, Qatar's Minister of Energy and Industry, Patrick Pouyanne, member of the Executive Committee of Total, and senior Qapco officials.
The foundation stone of the LDPE 3 plant, which will have an annual capacity of 300,000 tonnes, had been laid by the Heir Apparent His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani in 2009.
The present project seeks to know the application of discarded plastics LDPE, PET and HDPE as biofilm support in aerobic biological reactors, as these materials are the most common plastic wastes found in the south of Ecuador, furthermore, to apply the LDPE, it was thermally modified to increase the density and enhance the surface roughness.
PPIA told the Tariff Commission that the imposition of zero duty from 10 percent on LDPE, the raw material used in the production of plastic packaging materials and which is not locally produced, will reduce their cost and make them stay competitive.
"These two new LDPE grades for the cross-link foaming process are the latest examples from Sabic of such innovative solutions developed together with our customers and value chain partners," concluded Frank de Vries.
A film grade LDPE from Dow Chemical Company (Michigan, USA) and an oxo-degradable d2w additive based on polyethylene resin from Symphony Environmental (Borehamwood, UK) were used as raw materials.
The same procedure was used to prepare blends and nanocomposites of LDPE with two grades of polystyreneb-poly(ethylene-co- butylene)-b-polystyrene (SEBS) thermoplastic elastomer supplied from Kraton: G1652 and FG1901.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 15, 2017-Celanese implements higher price for LDPE polymers in North and South America