LDPOLinearly Driven Parametric Oscillator
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The results show that LDPO 1: 1, denoted as LDPO-G, has good potential of phosphate and fluoride removal from aqueous solution.
In conclusion, the adsorption processes of LDPO were monolayer for fluoride and multilayer for phosphate and the value of n in between 1 and 10 indicates useful adsorption [62].
To evaluate the phosphate and fluoride removal performance in wastewater, LDPO was applied to treat water samples collected from the waste channel of the Superphosphate Fertilizer factory in Phu Tho province, Northern Vietnam.
With adsorbent dosage of 0.1 g, the phosphate and fluoride removal efficiencies of LDPO are 94% and 93%, respectively.
TABLE 1: The kinetic model parameters for the adsorption of phosphate and fluoride on LDPO. Pseudo-first order Conc.
Phosphate and Fluoride Removal Potential of [La.sup.3+] -Doped Pyrolusite Ores (LDPOs).