LDPRLiberal Democratic Party of Russia
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Head of the LDPR faction Sergey Pivkov held a meeting, who noted that some regional measures of social support for families with children have not been reviewed for a long time, and some need to be seriously improved.
A imagen de su lider, las corrientes reunidas por el LDPR apenas si cultivan la ambiguedad: racistas y partidarios de una Rusia compuesta por rusos etnicos, desean restaurar la dominacion imperialista rusa en el antiguo espacio sovietico, utilizando la fuerza en caso necesario.
Zhirinovsky's resilience challenges Janack's prediction, drawn from Bakhtin's theory of carnival, that the LDPR leader's political glory days were predetermined to be limited by the temporary nature of carnival, which he represented.
Prime suspect Andrei Lugovoy could become deputy chief of a security committee, said Vladimir Zhirinovsky, head of the nationalist LDPR party.
In contrast, the other long-established parties, KPRF, the Agrarians, LDPR, and Yabloko, have to some degree incorporated the language of "Orthodoxy" and "spirituality/dukhovnost'" in their rhetoric.
In 2006 Nikolay Kurianovich, an LDPR Duma deputy, initiated and publicized a "list of the enemies of the Russian people," which mostly featured Jewish names.
Polls indicate that United Russia may receive up to 40% of the vote, or about twice as much as the rival Communist Party, with the extreme nationalist LDPR of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in 3rd place).
Finally, in the winter, speaking before his LDPR Party assembly, Zhirinovsky announced a 'change in the party's course' and said the US was 'Russia's strategic partner'.
Meanwhile, the Union of Right Forces (SPS), Women of Russia, and Zhirinovsky's LDPR bloc all hovered around the 5 per cent barrier for being awarded party-list seats.
Andrei Manilov, head of the LDPR centre in Moscow, said: "Those who have the money for their own air tickets have already gone.
The 1993 campaign conducted by the LDPR focused on themes such as restoration of national stature, wrapped inside the appeal of an iron-willed leader.