LDQLocal Delivery Queue
LDQLoad Quadword
LDQLoad Queue
LDQLeeds Dependence Questionnaire (UK)
LDQLocation Dependent Query (computing)
LDQLearning Disabilities Qualification (government initiative; UK)
LDQLongest Delay in Queue
LDQLearning Disabilities Quarterly
LDQLaboratory Data Quality
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The above-mentioned tool Leadership Development Questionnaire (LDQ), which is used in studies on leadership in project management, was developed by Dulewicz and Higgs (2005).
It was developed from the Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire (LDQ), a longer form survey.!71 Possible scores range from 0 to 32 with higher values corresponding with increasing severity of dyspepsia.
Bryant have done an outstanding job editing LDQ. I am pleased that they have agreed to continue in that role and look forward to working with them and with the journal's editorial board members.
Ulrichs reported the following circulation figures for the remaining targeted journals: (a) RASE (1,400), (b) ETC (600), (c) LDQ (3,500), and (d) JEBD (1,100).
The questions regarding the relationship between psychological control issues (SCI scores) and aspects of alcohol dependence and drinking-related problems (APQ, LDQ, and the three OCDS subscale scores) were initially addressed using correlation analysis (see Table 2).
We are pleased with the opportunity to continue to serve as co-editors-in-chief of Learning Disability Quarterly (LDQ) under the ownership of the Hammill Institute on Disabilities.
In this article, we focus on the problem of information localization, particularly the evaluation of Location-Dependent Queries (LDQ).
The artists represent all disability categories in an effort to encourage LDQ readers to probe the multiple possibilities that exist for researching learning disabilities by reflecting on the cultural meanings ascribed to disability experience, and, in particular, those meanings authored by individuals with disabilities.
A location dependent query (LDQ) is a query that is processed on location dependent data, and whose result depends on the location explicitly or implicitly specified [15].
We applaud the LDQ editors for including this special series.