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LDRLana Del Rey (musician)
LDRLaw of Diminishing Returns (economic theory)
LDRLand Disposal Restrictions
LDRLong Distance Relationship
LDRLebanon Daily Record (newspaper; Lebanon, MO)
LDRLouisiana Department of Revenue
LDRLight Dependent Resistor
LDRListener Driven Radio (software)
LDRLimit Data Rate
LDRLightweight Data Replicator
LDRLow Dynamic Range
LDRLocal Distribution Radio
LDRLutheran Disaster Response
LDRLead Development Rep (various companies)
LDRLonesome Day Records (Booneville, KY)
LDRLabor-Delivery-Recovery (room)
LDRLow Data Rate
LDRLoan-to-Deposit Ratio (banking)
LDRLand Development Regulation
LDRLinear Depolarization Ratio
LDRLimited Distribution Release (Microsoft)
LDRLarge Deployable Reflector
LDRLong Distance Runner
LDRLong Distance Release (fishing)
LDRLabor Distribution Reporting (US government)
LDRLine Driver/Receiver (Alcatel)
LDRLand Development Review (various locations)
LDRLucent Digital Radio (Warren, NJ)
LDRLight Detect Resistor
LDRLow Density Recruiting (US Army National Guard)
LDRLong Distance Riders (motorcycle certification group)
LDRLast Ditch Racing (Maine-based rally racing team)
LDRLegislative Draft Request (Texas)
LDRLiquid Droplet Radiator
LDRLet Down Ratio (plastics)
LDRLaser Designator Ranger
LDRLapdance Riders (motorcycle club)
LDRLogical Design Review
LDRLocal Dynamic Routing
LDRLow Definition Radio
LDRLoan-Default Rate (finance/banking)
LDRLabor Distribution Record
LDRLocal Distribution Radio (Sprint)
LDRLocal Dump and Restore
LDRLarge Diameter Roll (paper making)
LDRLethal Display Range (US DoD)
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The genotypic variance explained by all QTL was estimated by fitting a model to the adjusted entry means from each environment, which included all QTL detected by joint CIM separately for 1SWCB LDR and 1SCB LDR.
HRISK 31 31 LBR1 17 0 LDR 3 18 DEL 5 3 LBR2 17 0 REC 12 12 PP 46 46 LDR2 0 18
The addition of LDR will bolster Zimmer Biomet's presence in the global Spine market and provide the company with an immediate and a leading position in the fast growing cervical disc replacement and MIS segments.
To reemphasize, after March 7, 2002, the LDR regime no longer applies.
If both a disposition and a deconsolidation occur with respect to a share in the same transaction, the LDR applies first and then the deconsolidation rules apply, if necessary.
We are very excited to offer SentioMMG through our LDR sales network.
7, LDR previously received an approval letter from the FDA for Mobi-C for one-level use.
Before joining LDR, he served as interim CFO at Purfresh Inc.
The Beijing-based office is an attempt for LDR Spine to capitalize on the growing Asian market for spine technology, according to the company.