LDRCLearning Disabilities Resource Community (Canada)
LDRCLibel Defense Resource Center
LDRCLyme Disease Resource Center (Weaverville, CA)
LDRCLand Development Regulation Commission
LDRCLocal Dispute Resolution Committee
LDRCLongford and District Riding Club (Derbyshire, England)
LDRCLand Development Review Committee
LDRCLow Density Rural Cluster
LDRCLarge Diameter Reverse Circulation (drilling)
LDRCLearning Disabilities Research Center (Kennedy Krieger Institute)
LDRCLow Density Residential Cluster
LDRCLand Development Regulation Committee
LDRCLodeStar Day Resource Center (Phoenix, Arizona)
LDRCLifespan Development Research Centre
LDRCLearning Disabilities Resource Centre (Canada)
LDRCLimestone Districts Reorganization Committee
LDRClog dose-response curve
LDRCLocal Development Review Committee
LDRCLegal Data Resources Corporation (Manitoba, Canada)
LDRCLearning Disability Research Center
LDRCLakelands Design Review Committee (Gaithersburg, MD)
LDRCLanguages and Dialects Research Center
LDRCLogic Design Rule Check
LDRCLocal Data Remote Computation
LDRCLong Distance Running Committee
LDRCLife Development Resource Center
LDRCLong Distance Running Club
LDRCLeader Development Research Center
LDRCLutheran Disaster Response Coalition
LDRCLiberia Democracy Resource Center
LDRCLeader Decision Reaction Course (US DoD)
LDRCLegal Document Review Clerk
LDRCLiberia Development and Reconstruction Committee
LDRCLaw and Development Research Center
LDRCLaw and Democracy Resource Center
LDRCLocal Demobilization and Reintegration Committees (Afghanistan)
LDRCLearning Disabilities Research Community
LDRCLearning Difficulties Resource Centre (Canada)
LDRCLister Disciplinary Review Committee
LDRCLivestock Development and Research Center
LDRCLand Development and Residential Construction
LDRCLong Distance Relationship Club
LDRCLabour Documents & Reference Centre (India)
LDRCLayout Design Rule Check
LDRCLeast Developed Research Capacity
LDRCLogistics Dispute Resolution Center
LDRCLocal Development Reform Commission
LDRCLegal Defense Review Committee
LDRCLocal Disaster Response Centre (Turkey)
LDRCLaw and Development Research Centre
LDRCLeven District Rover Crew (Australia)
LDRCLowry Design Review Committee
LDRCLaxey District Rifle Club (Isle of Man)
LDRCLocal Development and Reform Commissions (China)
LDRCLibrary Disaster Reaction Co-ordinator (UK)
LDRCLeighton Design Review Committee (Australia)
LDRCLongniddry & District Rotary Club (Scotland)
LDRCLocal Dynamic Range Compression
LDRCLiaoning Development and Reform Commission (China)
LDRCLibrary and Documentation Resource Centre (Zimbabwe)
LDRCLast Door Recovery Centre (New Westminster, BC, Canada)
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On August 16, the Emir signed into law a 2004 Labor Law amendment to establish new LDRCs, which replaced the laborious labor court system that were plagued by inefficiencies, including protracted court proceedings and the imposition of heavy financial burdens on laborers.
As LDRC Executive Director Sandra Baron said, "Anyone concerned about a free press should view this matter with alarm."
LDRC is now working with Conwy County Council to find a suitable site.
First published as a single volume in 1982, and now expanded into two volumes, the LDRC 50-State Surveys provide comprehensive information on the law in all 50 states, the U.S.
Though news-gathering claims constitute only about 5% of media cases filed, it's "an effort to smear the news organization," says Sandra Baron, executive director of the Libel Defense Resource Center ( LDRC).
The organizations based their intervention on the findings of the Libel Defense Resource Center, which says that "in approximately 60 media libel actions tabulated by LDRC between 1980 and 1984 .
"It's not unethical, but it happens from time to time," says Sandra Baron, executive director of the Libel Defense Resources Center (LDRC), a nonprofit media consortium dedicated to tracking libel cases and whose members are not permitted to represent both sides of the bar.
The LDRC report covering the last 20 years offers a cautionary tale for the media, and underscores the need to look at how awards are made, said Sandra S.
The bylaws of LDRC - an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting First Amendment rights - includes a provision that prohibits members from filing a lawsuit on behalf of a media plaintiffs.
Gram and Coady also offered some recent statistics from the Libel Defense Research Center (ldrc) of New York, which indicated that more money is being awarded in libel cases, and newspapers are among the most likely to be sued.