LDSALow Disk Space Alert
LDSALondon District Surveyors Association (est. 1845; London, UK)
LDSALaboratory of Demographic and Social Analysis (Greece)
LDSALebanese Down Syndrome Association (est. 1998)
LDSALocal Directory System Agent
LDSALocal Directory System Administrator
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The LDSA, which uses fundraising events, membership fees and donations to support its activities, had started using online payment service PayPal when it sought to modernise the organisation to help members.
This change was led by Lea, who secretly linked the LDSA account to his own as he managed the process.
Liverpool Crown Courtheard Lea had a gambling addiction and was taking from the LDSA pot and then topping it back up when he won.
AndLiverpool FC,which Ms Lindsay praised for having been so supportive of the LDSA throughout the investigation into Lea, arranged thesurprise attendance of fan favourite Salah.
[PM.sub.10], [PM.sub.2.5], particle number concentration (PNC), and LDSA were measured between 2011 and 2012 in four SAPALDIA areas: Basel, Geneva, Lugano, and Wald (Eeftens et al.
Mohammad Jaffar, a Psychology student at AUB who also volunteers with LDSA, said that he first got involved with the association after he was introduced to Zeina and her family.
Philip Hall, prosecuting, said there was PS12,556 in the LDSA account on June 28 last year, but, by August 31, just PS13.12 remained.
LDSA's campaign will run for a year and focus on marginalizing the use of the M-word.
The LDSA has more than 400 members and is one of the largest football disabled supporters associations in the world.
LUIS SUAREZ was presented with the Player of the Year award at the Liverpool Disabled Supporters' Association (LDSA) dinner.
The Kop legend spoke to more than 200 members at the LDSA''s Christmas dinner at Anfield.