LDSFLarge Diameter Split Frame (pipe cutting)
LDSFLatter-Day Science Fiction (book series)
LDSFLarge Deep Space Freighter (gaming)
LDSFLoeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation (est. 2007)
LDSFLoka Dharma Seva Foundation (est. 2005; India)
LDSFLeukemia Cell-Derived Suppressor Factor
LDSFLevel Dependent Signal Flow
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The term LDsF was used by Kopecky (1974, 1978) for a hypothetical deep-seated structure limiting the Ohre Rift in the southeast.
The counterpart in the northwest of the LDsF was the Krusne hory Deep-seated Fault, with the KHFZ being its superficial manifestation (Kopecky 1974).
1966), Ustek Fault LDsF CSFZ (Klein 1962), Lisci vrch Fault (Adamovic 1997) and Straz Fault (Anton et al.