LDSPLong Distance Service Provider
LDSPLipid Droplet Surface Protein
LDSPLarge Diamond Search Pattern (computer science)
LDSPLiceo de San Pedro (San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines)
LDSPLDS (Latter-day Saints) Philanthropies (Salt Lake City, UT)
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Furthermore, the LDSP will in addition endeavor to offer access to national and local resources through fiscal decentralization, accelerating effective and efficient service delivery and poverty alleviation as well as increasing equitable distribution of the nation's resources.
Distribucion segun tipo de alimento y analisis de los productos remitidos al LDSP.
After the t test, I see that improving students' internal locus of control influenced their grades, the dependent variable, final examination grade (FINE), was modeled with five independent variables (MATH, INCT, LDSP, REST, and ENRL) as in Table 3.
Table 1 The variable description Variable Description MATH Mathematics pretest grade MIDT Midterm examination grade FINL Final examination grade INCT Internal locus of control index EXCT External locus of control index PSAT Positive attitudes index NGAT Negative attitudes index LDSP Leadership characters GRAD Semester grade of the engineering mathematics course REST Status of living at home ENRL Enrollment through recommendation Table 2 Distributions of the continuous variable data Variable M SD KS-Z Skew Kurt MATH 11.