LDSTLogic Design & Switching Theory
LDSTLinear Dispersion Speaker Technology (trademark of Cerwin-Vega, Inc.)
LDSTLow Dose Synacthen Test (endocrinology)
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LDST has established sales, warehousing, logistics and distribution capabilities across approximately 170 China Duty Free stores throughout China.
Each patient was tested with the HDST, and if a normal result was obtained [peak >550 nmol/L (20 [micro] g/dL)], then (within 1-2 weeks) with the LDST.
The false-negative rate for the LDST has been reported to be close to zero at cutoffs above 500-550 nmol/L (18-20 [micro] g/dL) (4,5,7,15-17).
We demonstrate here that the cortisol increment after LDST is inversely related to the basal cortisol, strongly suggesting that the peak cortisol depends on the state of adrenal stimulation at the time of the test.
The LDST is the most cost efficient solution in the industry to meet the demand for increased tower height for the 3 MW turbines.
Vestas is the only manufacturer able to produce the LDST and has over 25 years of experience with steel towers.
The LDST will be available in 137 meters for the V126-3.