LDSTLogic Design & Switching Theory
LDSTLinear Dispersion Speaker Technology (trademark of Cerwin-Vega, Inc.)
LDSTLow Dose Synacthen Test (endocrinology)
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[14,15] Our results on cognitive tests such as MMSE, LDST, and WMS-Design were decreased among the males with more stress similar to the study done by Wang et al.
PSS: Perceived stress scale, SRT: Simple reaction time, CRT: Choice reaction time, CFFF: Critical flicker fusion frequency Table 2: Comparison of cognitive tests among males and females Parameters Males Females P value LDST 35.70[+ or -]5.646 43.23[+ or -]5.697 <0.0001 (*) WMS design 1.867[+ or -]1.907 3.300[+ or -]1.418 0.0016 (*) WMS spatial 3.300[+ or -]1.418 3.267[+ or -]1.388 0.927 MMSE 25.43[+ or -]2.515 27.67[+ or -]1.900 0.0003 (*) DSST 60.10[+ or -]9.707 24.60[+ or -]3.410 <0.0001 (*) (*) P<0.05 - statistically significant.
Similarly, when the link <lSrc-lDst> (lSrc means the node in the edge layer, and lDst in the agg layer) fails, at the lSrc node, all upward flows assigned to the failed link need to be reallocated, and new flows on the lSrc node need to avoid being allocated to the link <lSrc-lDst>.
LDST, founded by Meng Fei, who has more than 10 years of experience in wine distribution and a wide established network in China, holds exclusive distribution rights with some of France's oldest vineyards, such as Rothschild Lafite, Thienpont, Pont Des Arts and Francois Janoueix.
Among the 50 VIPs and guests who witnessed the event were LDST's Managing Director Meng Fei and Harbin Liming Gas Group Co.
The Letter Digit Substitution Test (LDST): It is based on earlier developed substitution tests (e.g., Digit Symbol Substitution Test; Wechsler) but uses over-learned signs instead of the symbols used in other substitution tests.
A detailed breakdown of the sensitivity per module for EXU and LDST workload is described, respectively, in Tables 5 and 6.
Experimental results of the u-architectural and propagated groups, respectively, for NET and REG under LDST workload are listed in Table 9.
Previous studies have evaluated the operating characteristics of the LDST in adult patients with normal and abnormal adrenal function.
Each patient was tested with the HDST, and if a normal result was obtained [peak >550 nmol/L (20 [micro] g/dL)], then (within 1-2 weeks) with the LDST. We prepared low-dose (1 /xg) ACTH in 2-mL aliquots with one 250-[micro] g vial of Synacthen diluted in 500 mL of sterile normal saline solution.