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LDTLearning and Development Team (UK)
LDTLaDainian Tomlinson (football player)
LDTLocal Descriptor Table
LDTLinear Displacement Transducer (various companies)
LDTLand Development Tax
LDTLaboratory-Developed Test
LDTLarge Diameter Tapcon (concrete anchor)
LDTLocal Domain Table
LDTLogic Design Tool
LDTLinux Development Tools
LDTLightning Data Transport
LDTLocal Daylight Time
LDTLightning Data Transport (AMD replacement for PCI)
LDTLight Duty Truck
LDTLower Division Transfer (various schools)
LDTLeft Defensive Tackle (pro football)
LDTLaser Display Technology
LDTLowest Dose Tested
LDTLaser Data Terminal
LDTLarge Dead Time (geophysics)
LDTLight Displacement Ton
LDTLocation Determination Technologies (ViaVis Mobile Solutions, Inc.)
LDTLogistics Delay Time
LDTLaser Detector Tracker
LDTLarge Deviations Technique
LDTLatero-Dorsal Tegmental Nucleus (cluster of nerve cells found in the pons of the brainstem)
LDTLine Designation Table
LDTLicensed Deposit Taker (UK)
LDTLogistics Distribution Table
LDTLast Dose Taken
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The necrotic tissues were fully removed and the bad odor of the lesion disappeared following LDT applied twice within the first week in 15 patients (41.
Two US LNG cargoes of around 140,000 cubic meters each are to be delivered to LDT in August and September.
The FDA announced its legal authority over LDTs decades ago, categorizing LDTs as medical devices and clinical laboratories as manufacturers, but the agency maintained that it would "exercise enforcement discretion.
Shortly after the presidential election last November, the FDA announced it would not finalize its controversial draft guidance issued in July 2014, which would have established a comprehensive, risk-based oversight scheme for LDTs under FDA's existing authority to regulate medical devices.
La cooperation entre Libya Oil et la SNDP dans le domaine de la production des lubrifiants date de plusieurs annees et sera renforcee davantage apres cette prise de participation par la SNDP au capital de LDT.
In recent years, however, many in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry and general scientific community have called for additional oversight of LDTs than what is currently provided by CLIA.
The FDA contends that LDTs have become much more complex and are used much more frequently and in higher-risk settings than they were decades ago.
CIDTs were categorized into four test types: commercial antigen-based tests (Food and Drug Administration [FDA]-approved), commercial DNA-based syndrome panels (FDA-approved), laboratory-developed tests (LDTs ([dagger])) typically used in a single clinical laboratory, and LDTs used at a public health laboratory.
Under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act of 2012 (FDASIA), the agency is required to give at least 60 days' notice to Congress prior to issuing for public comment any draft guidance on the regulation of LDTs.
Pursuant to the multi-year agreement, HDL Inc has the rights to use Corgenix's technology to develop, validate and offer a clinical LDT that may assist clinicians in predicting an increased risk for heart disease in various patient populations.
Ships will be exempted from payment of the recycling fee if the owners deposit a financial guarantee equivalent to 35 per LDT to ensure that they will use EU-listed recycling and treatment facilities.