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LDTLearning and Development Team (UK)
LDTLaDainian Tomlinson (football player)
LDTLocal Descriptor Table
LDTLinear Displacement Transducer (various companies)
LDTLand Development Tax
LDTLaboratory-Developed Test
LDTLarge Diameter Tapcon (concrete anchor)
LDTLogic Design Tool
LDTLinux Development Tools
LDTLightning Data Transport
LDTLocal Domain Table
LDTLocal Daylight Time
LDTLightning Data Transport (AMD replacement for PCI)
LDTLight Duty Truck
LDTLower Division Transfer (various schools)
LDTLeft Defensive Tackle (pro football)
LDTLaser Display Technology
LDTLowest Dose Tested
LDTLaser Data Terminal
LDTLarge Dead Time (geophysics)
LDTLight Displacement Ton
LDTLocation Determination Technologies (ViaVis Mobile Solutions, Inc.)
LDTLogistics Delay Time
LDTLaser Detector Tracker
LDTLarge Deviations Technique
LDTLine Designation Table
LDTLatero-Dorsal Tegmental Nucleus (cluster of nerve cells found in the pons of the brainstem)
LDTLicensed Deposit Taker (UK)
LDTLogistics Distribution Table
LDTLast Dose Taken
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Using a small amount of blood sample, the LDTs offered by Hunan Agen Lab have the potential for many applications throughout the various stages of a patient's cancer journey, such as cancer screening, cancer staging and post-cancer monitoring.
"Genetics has taken a front seat in the discussion around LDTs and FDA oversight because of the need to innovate quickly," Frederick Strathmann, Vice President of Quality Assurance at NMS Labs, told Laboratory Equipment.
Sending a test out to a reference lab or running an IVD may seem very expensive--enough to merit consideration of developing an in-house test--but it costs quite a lot to get a new LDT designed and fully validated.
All patients had an experience in other NAs before ETV-TDF combination therapy, and 182 patients were exposed to LAM and 25 patients were exposed to LdT. The most common treatment just before ETV-TDF combination therapy was ETV-based therapy (N = 119, ETV single n = 60, ETV + ADV n = 59) followed by LAM and ADV combination therapy (N = 47).
A total of 29 of the pressure ulcers (80.6%) which were resistant to long-term classical treatment fully healed within four to eight applications of LDT in a short duration (one to two months) (Figures 1, 2).
An unresolved issue between the FDA and many in the clinical laboratory community, however, is whether LDT oversight would create new rules and therefore would be subject to notice and comment rulemaking.
Mantas Mikalajunas, CEO of LDT, emphasised that LNG would make up the bulk of the 1.2 terawatt-hours of gas that the company plans to sell Latvia this year.
The results of NCT-A, NCT-B, LDT, SDT, and DST were 67.3[+ or -]29.7, 139.4[+ or -]55.4, 62.6[+ or -]20.4, 74.6+19, and 20.07[+ or -]14.9, respectively.
This distinction is critical because it increases the potential for physicians to make decisions premised upon a piece of potentially faulty information under the belief that the LDT confers certainty to remedy the existing difficulty related to assessing biopsies.
We hypothesized that renal function would be improved in [greater than or equal to] 20% of the patients with LdT instead of LAM.
Sometimes the teres major tendon is transferred in addition to the latissimus dorsi tendon (LDT) in order to obtain better external rotation of the shoulder [4, 5].
The review found that barley has cholesterol-lowering effects similar to oats, which are often the go-to grain for lowering LDT cholesterol.