LDTDLouisiana Department of Transportation and Development (Baton Rouge, LA)
LDTDLong Distance Truck Driver (high risk group; HIV/AIDS)
LDTDLearning Disabilities Training and Dissemination
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Aunque para los analistas primer mundistas consultados, America Latina no figura en los radares de la nanotecnologia aplicada a la salud, y quiza ninguna nanotecnologia, el LDTD no esta solo y un punado de pioneros ha decidido tomar el guante.
Accordingly, participants were selected by their own communities and target groups from Mangu and Kombun; while the target groups were CSW, LDTD, Students, Traditional healers.
Participants who were selected by their own communities and target groups included the LGA chairman, PHC director, Supervisory councillor for health, representatives of students, LDTD, CSW, traditional healers, western medical care providers.
LDTD (Laser Diode Thermal Desorption) technology is a new technique that introduces all samples into the mass spectrometer by a rapid laser thermal desorption process, where they are ionized by an atmospheric pressure chemical reaction (LDTD-APCI).