LDTSLong Distance Telephony Services
LDTSLong Distance Travel Survey (UK)
LDTSLaser Designator Tracker System
LDTSLaser Designator Targeting System
LDTSLow Density Test Signal
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Using a small amount of blood sample, the LDTs offered by Hunan Agen Lab have the potential for many applications throughout the various stages of a patient's cancer journey, such as cancer screening, cancer staging and post-cancer monitoring.
Regardless of what regulatory model is ultimately adopted, stakeholders on both sides of the issue agree on one thing: it is past time for Congress to enact risk-based legislation that clarifies and modernizes the government's oversight of both manufactured tests and LDTs.
A practical approach is to stain the concept LDT and compendium diagnostic test in a pair-wise fashion on approximately 20 consecutive clinical samples.
Ever since the FDA gained regulation of all in vitro diagnostics as devices in 1976, LDTs have been the exception.
Many new LDTs trace their roots to a spate of requests for a diagnostic missing from the lab's test menu.
These modules provide hard to find specialty functions including Resolver, SSI and LDT interfaces, and PLS Controllers.
The MDA statute itself does not include language that differentiates the concept of LDTs. For the first few decades after MDA implementation, the FDA focused primarily on regulation of commercially distributed tests from diagnostic manufacturers.
The FDA classifies laboratory developed tests (LDTs) for use in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease as medical devices subject to pre-market and approval.
But at the time, LDTs were not widely dispersed or commercialized.
Among laboratories using CIDTs to detect Campylobacter, 62 (90%) used commercial antigen-based methods, three used commercial DNA-based syndrome panels, and two used LDTs. ([paragraph]) Of the 395 (60%) clinical laboratories that tested stool specimens for STEC, 187 (47%) used both culture and CIDTs, 135 (34%) used only culture, and 73 (19%) used only CIDTs.
Regarding LDTs, the regulator is notifying Congress of its plans to publish a risk-based oversight framework for such products.
The lexical decision task (LDT) is a procedure for measuring how quickly people classify proposed contents as words or non-words.